Arthur Parker Ramani (Managing Director) – As New Zealand’s most experienced and successful CV writer for executive roles, Arthur holds years of experience in professional CV writing, executive branding, recruitment, career writing, marketing and business management. He has been frequently called upon by businesses and boards of directors undergoing organisational change to manage internal and external transitions, and he also provides support to various recruiters within New Zealand and Australia.

Arthur was originally awarded as being New Zealand’s first Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW), which represented outstanding knowledge of professional CV writing. Regularly working with senior level managers, executives, consultants, self-employed business owners and so forth, Arthur has been recognised for his distinct ability to create compelling CVs, presentations, LinkedIn profiles and more for those who use his services.

Arthur has written over 100 articles on various career matters, many of which have been featured in local and international publications, and he is also the author of The Executive as well as Game Changers. He also holds experience as a recruiter at the executive level, business mentor, business consultant and marketing consultant.

His ethos is that by working with employers, and not against them, candidates, no matter how experienced, can benefit from carefully crafting messages that explain why they are the best candidate for the role. Two-way communication with an employer, which has them understanding you as the right candidate for the role, is a secret around achieving an executive role.

Clark (Director of Personal Branding and Coaching) – Clark is one of Australasia’s most colourful executive coaches and career experts, recognised for his ability to transform skilled individuals into excellent candidates for jobs. Clark often finds that many users of our services, such as professional CV writing, make excellent candidates for the roles that they apply for, but sadly often fall short when it comes to speaking about themselves – both through their CV and in the job interview.

As a career coach and expert, Clark has coached hundreds of senior level managers, GMs, IT consultants, and the list goes on.

In an industry and service business where communication is paramount, we are fortunate to have Clark on the team as his direction often shapes the polished and excellent results that our candidates see when they receive their CV.

Marc (Senior Coach) – Having had years of dealing with and coaching business leaders, job seekers, senior managers and more, Marc provides impressive and world-class coaching services to the ExecutiveONE team and its customers. Marc holds CPCU and CIDM accreditations and has an outstanding international track record of dealing with executives.

Marc’s beliefs revolve around ensuring that senior clients tell better stories to explain what they have done for an outsider, so that new employers (even at the senior level) that they want to work for understand their story and can truly value their skills – and see them working for the company.

Sharon – As one of our practice managers, Sharon holds extensive business experience and appreciation for varying client requirements, which is what helps our service be as personable as possible to those looking for their next career step.

Tiffany – As a Certified Professional Résumé Writer and MBA holder, Tiffany’s impressive knowledge over business matters ensures that senior consultants and managers we work with receive world-class CVs and LinkedIn profiles. One of the key reasons why Tiffany’s work is so successful is due to her outstanding appreciation of different leadership and management styles, therefore she works closely with the customers to ensure that their individual traits and personal approaches are communicated as effectively and as beneficially as possible to the senior recruiters and board members. Tiffany is also regularly involved in career research and is continually re-developing our CV writing styles.

Anton – Anton’s graphical expertise is called upon when customers require impressive graphical presentations, documents, and so forth, to secure jobs they are looking to apply for. Anton has an impressive appreciation for modern graphical design whilst maintaining excellent business knowledge and an understanding of what recruiters wish to read, and is therefore a driving force behind how our customers secure jobs with employers.

Jo – Jo serves both as a personal assistant and our CV writing assistant, providing outstanding support to both our clients, writing experts and management team in producing world-class documents for our clients.