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What Do You Need To Know About A Finding A Senior Level or Management Job In New Zealand?

  • We are the company that helps many CEOs, General Managers, Managing Directors, etc. and specialists e.g. top project managers, IT professionals, banking experts, engineers, etc. get jobs in New Zealand and Australia.
  • Our director Arthur Parker Ramani (CPRW) has been recognised as the country’s #1 CV writer and has extensive experience in senior level CVs.
  • There is currently a shortage of senior-level migrants, so that means fantastic job prospects.
  • According to executive recruiters, poor CV presentation and a lack of job interview skills are the top reasons why otherwise qualified leaders fail to get the jobs they want.
  • It is the preference of many employers to receive and read CVs that are professionally written.
  • We regularly help senior managers migrating to New Zealand get new, better jobs with our comprehensive CV writing service and job interview practice courses.

How Executive One Can Help

Our professional CV writers assist a large number of migrating senior level managers and experts get a job in our country. Our services are designed for senior level professionals looking for that next step in their career. We write your CV for you, offering the fastest path to a new job, or a better one. So if you want to move to New Zealand or Australia and find a senior level job, we can help you toward making that happen. With a professional CV, you will grab your attention, and begin to secure your place as the perfect candidate for the job.

When it comes to the requirements for migrating senior level professionals, we are experts. We have extensive experience coaching people applying for jobs and providing training for interviews in the the New Zealand and Australian job markets. We will even practice a job interview with you. We will teach you the secrets that only executive recruiters know.

Executive One has experience writing effective CVs for all types of senior level migrants including: Senior Manager, Managing Director, CEO, CIO, CFO, COO, CMO, Senior IT manager, Banking Manager, General Manager, etc. for many different fields including: professional services, banking, construction, government departments, international trade & export, telecommunications, FMCG, not for profit, health, engineering, science, service businesses, technology, financial services, insurance, construction, education, and much more.

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