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4 Executive CV Trends That You Must Know About in 2018

Even if it’s important for executives to have a robust online presence, the traditional CV remains an important document when looking for work. No matter what you do, a request for your CV will be made.

This is where an executive CV following current trends. Even if you think that your years of work experience should suffice, putting it all down in your unique voice will make all the difference.

There are specific executive CV trends that can give an edge over the competition in 2018. So, here are four executive CV trends that you must keep in mind in 2018.

1. CV Customisation is vital

CV customisation is the key to increase your chances of being shortlisted for an executive position. Whether your resume is parsed by machines or by a human, tailoring your CV to the specific job can help you get to the interview process. This is a critical strategy that you have to apply to increase the reach of your CV. Hiring managers and employers like to know how their organisation will benefit by employing the said candidate. There’s no time to sift through irrelevant information either.

2. Highlight the value you offer to each employer.

Let’s accept the fact that a resume has little space to convey importance to the people who matter. Still, what you have to offer has to be aligned to employer requirements. While a CV writing professional can help you zero in on the value that you can bring to the organization, you can do this too as you tailor your CV for each position. One must keep in mind that knowing what value you can offer is not enough. It would help if you were able to convince your reader that you have a track record that validates your ability to bring value to the organization.

3. Use proof to back your claims.

Do you have a proven track record of the value that you have to offer? In other words, can you validate the expertise or leadership skills that you claim to possess?

If you can prepare this concerning measurable outcomes by meeting metrics set, then your CV will come across as authentic to your reader.

When you can back your claims with moments of success throughout your career, then your reader will know that they can trust what you’ve claimed to do on your CV. This will, no doubt, result in that interview call from the company you wish to work at.

4. Focus on results.

As mentioned earlier, hiring managers and employers are interested in candidates who can deliver results. They also like people who get to the point as their time is scarce. If you give them what they want first, then you’re answering all their questions before being asked.

Also, by providing relevant, measurable results that match the job requirements, they wouldn’t see any reason why you’re not a candidate suited for such a position. Simply put, by doing this, you’re letting your reader know that it’s all about measurable results.