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How to Write A Governance CV

The role of a governance professional is very different from an executive or a senior manager. That’s why you a governance CV requires a lot more attention and preparation to prove you can take on such a prestigious role.

Governance professionals has to deal with and solve numerous problems. There’s a serious risk of getting things wrong, and the effects are far-reaching. They have to take several factors into consideration when assessing the organisation’s direction, risk and goals. They also need to understand what’s at stake when making these changes.

That said, here are three important aspects that must be covered in any governance CV:

1: A Governance Statement

The governance statement works the same as an executive summary, except that this purely focuses on field of governance. This includes your prior experience as a governance professional and director as well as any certifications that you might have garnered in the past 10-15 years.

When writing your governance statement, make sure you keep it concise, relevant and recent. Write this in a way you come across as an eligible candidate for the position. Do some background research on the organisation before writing out this governance statement.

2: Key Skills and Competencies 

You have clearly spell out the value you can add as a governance professional. Highlight your key skills and competencies in simple bullet points and back them up with relevant work experience. This would give them a complete picture of your governance skills and competencies.

Providing details about the size and type of organisations you’ve worked with also helps. It can help interviewers decide whether your experience fits in with their organisation’s vision, culture and goals.

3: Qualifications, Professional Memberships and Other Affiliations

An experienced director or governance professional can manage a flourishing network they’ve built over the years. Taking up important professional memberships or being affiliated with certain organisation comes with the job profile too.

Make sure you mention this in your governance CV and show how these connections shaped your career. Also, mentioning these qualifications, memberships and affiliations lends credibility to your profile even if you don’t yet have any experience serving as a governance professional.