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5 Common LinkedIn Profile Errors To Fix

No matter what you think, you cannot afford to ignore LinkedIn. About 40 percent of the 350 million members log in daily to their LinkedIn profile and which tell you that it is more than essential to have an active LinkedIn profile. Interacting and building your network is one key aspect of using LinkedIn. However, … Continued

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5 Bits of Best Career Advice Offered by a Career Coach

A career coach is often called a “corporate shrink” because he or she deals with conflicts employees face with their bosses, co-workers, and themselves. Personal relationships are vital within the workplace for career strategies work. Otherwise, the goals won’t be achieved. We’ve recently chatted with Margaret Williams, a certified career coach, to ask for some … Continued

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6 Tips to Revamp an Executive Resume

Whether you’ve spent years in the C-suite or you are applying for a job in management, your resume is the key to a growing your career. A professional CV writer can help to fashion it to an effective tool that will unlock new and exciting fields you aspire. Here are some tips, sprinkled with advice … Continued

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