CV Writing Tips

4 Executive CV Writing Tips for 2019

A number of executives rarely consider revising their CVs. This is usually because a number of them might have not needed a CV to get noticed in the first place. Since most of them might have been in the same job for several years, they’d also fail to notice what is now considered acceptable, in terms of marketable CVs too. Yet it goes without saying that keeping abreast of the latest developments in this regard is vital. You never know when you might have to start looking for a new position elsewhere and which would involve revising your CV for job interviews.

Having said that, here are three CV writing tips for 2018:

1: Optimize Your CV for Skim Readers

Not only should you avoid retaining work experience you’ve had for the past few decades but limit your CV to three pages at the very most. Also, ensure that you highlight the relevant skills for the position you are applying for by using bold fonts to highlight important information in your CV. Also, make sure you use a streamlined CV layout that is easy on the eyes and that makes finding information easy. If it isn’t obvious, ensure you use the right industry buzzwords while also ensuring that there are no typos or grammatical errors on the CV itself.

2: Use Career Success Stories

Most if not all C-suite executives have decades of experience under their belt and a number of success stories to report. If you are able to express how you increased profits for your past employers, it should give prospective employers a clear picture of what you can do for their organization. You can use the challenge-actions-results framework to shed light on past career achievements and secure that job interview.

3: Remove Irrelevant Information

Yet again, even if you have decades of work experience, it would be wise to question the value of each and every piece of information you wish to add to your CV. For one, experimenting with a functional skills CV might be a good idea instead of the usual chronological CV that most job seekers use. Make sure you add only relevant experience, skills and qualifications pertaining to the position you are applying for. That said, even if there are gaps visible in your CV as a result of taking this approach, you can always explain why they exist when talking to prospective employers.

4: Hire a Professional CV Writer

Availing the services of a professional CV writer would require a bit of an investment. But it will be all worth it.

For starters, a professional CV writer has got years of experience providing resume writing services for job seekers applying for different job levels and industries. He or she knows what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in a job applicant’s CV to make them call for an interview.

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