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4 reasons executives need a postgraduate degree

Is a postgraduate degree essential when you are applying for an executive-level position?

How does it compare to sheer experience and knowledge work?

These are questions most people have when they are looking to advance in their careers.  Quite understandable, especially with many career coaches advocating that getting a degree doesn’t matter when you’re applying for a job.

Throughout our years of experience coaching and guiding professionals get hired in executive and C-level positions in different industries, however, we found that employers and recruiters do still care about your education background. In other words, earning a postgraduate degree can still give you an upper hand when applying for executive positions.

4 reasons why a postgraduate degree matter

It’s the new bachelor’s degree

Contrary to the claims that employers do not care about your degree, a recent study published in the FastCompany magazine shows that companies are raising their educational requirements for job applicants. In fact, 27% now require a postgraduate degree in job roles that previously required only bachelor’s degree.

Knowledge of industry

People with a postgraduate degree tend to start out with more knowledge and theoretical understanding of the industry, allowing them a practical approach to a job, fuelled by an objective understanding. If employed smartly, this can allow an individual to ascend the corporate ladder very rapidly.

Expands your network

Additionally, being part of academia also allows people communication and connections with others in the same field of interest. Earning a postgraduate degree opens your doors to meet new people who may help you in your career in the future.

It looks good on your CV!

Including a postgraduate degree to your list of credentials adds considerable weight to your CV. In addition to showing your willingness to improve yourself continuously, you are also showing recruiters that your dedication and passion towards your career. These are qualities that companies look for in a someone applying for an executive role.

As you can see, earning a postgraduate degree is a worthwhile investment for your career. Couple this with experience and knowledge,  your quest to acquire an executive-level position within an organisation.