executive position in retail

5 Secrets to Get an Executive Position in Retail

The retail industry is quickly becoming one of the most welcoming and high-paying sectors, particularly among executives. The number of job opportunities and range of designations available is remarkable. However, the majority of these are for entry- and mid-level positions. In fact, there are only very few openings for an executive position in retail.

Despite this, there are ways in which you can ensure that you get hired for an executive position in retail.

If you want to land an executive position in retail, hard work or your sales performance counts. However, this is just the beginning. There are other factors come into play. Knowing what these can help make or break your chances to get an executive-level position in the retail industry.

How to Land an Executive Position in Retail

Familiarise yourself with the industry

If you want to land an executive position in retail, you need to know the latest trends in the industry. In a rapidly developing digital landscape, it is imperative to be aware of how this affects the industry and different companies that are part of the industry. These pieces of information can help you gain an upper-hand over your competitors.

Ensure your personality shines through

An executive position in retail involves a having excellent communication and interpersonal skills. That said, having an approachable personality helps since it increases your chances to get shortlisted. It also enables you to make friends within the company, which is always a plus! A pleasing personality would also benefit you tremendously to get to know your colleagues and superiors if you are hoping for an internal move.

Prove you are a visionary

You have to show you are creative, especially when most of your peers and competitors are pitching similar ideas. Go above and beyond the immediate concerns and goals of the business and establish something that. Doing this will also have longer-term benefits.

Longer-term results

Consistency is key. It is important to maintain consistent good performance and use this to your advantage if you are aiming for an executive position in retail.


Networking is an integral part of retail, as with any other industry. Staying connected with former colleagues and managers and maintain regular communication to remain updated about job openings and positions.