6 Tips to Revamp an Executive Resume

Whether you’ve spent years in the C-suite or you are applying for a job in management, your resume is the key to a growing your career. A professional CV writer can help to fashion it to an effective tool that will unlock new and exciting fields you aspire.

Here are some tips, sprinkled with advice from New Zealand’s top entrepreneur, Bernard Powell of Premier Group, to get you started.


Get help from a professional CV writer

This is a no-brainer for many but it’s surprising to know how often we ignore it.

No one knows you better than yourself. But when it comes to putting that information in a presentable document that captures the mind of a recruiter, you will require the help of a professional CV writer.

Professional CV writers know how to strategically nuance your personality, skills and experiences to fit a particular role.

So take the first bold move to revamp your resume and reach out to a professional CV writer


Keep it fresh and communicate to the right audience

Another reason why you should reach out to a professional CV writer is so that your resume can communicate to the right audience.

There’s no such thing as a one size fits all resume.

If you are applying for a job, your CV should speak to the target audience.  This way, you can keep them nodding that you are the best fit for the job.

Of course, for this to happen the information must be current and fresh. So, keep updating your CV with whatever experiences and skills you’ve gained. Don’t wait until the last minute to update your resume. Have the CV writer on your “frequently called” list.


Keep learning

A report published in 2017 by the OECD bloc revealed that there was strong demand for well-paying jobs in New Zealand. However, workers needed to keep learning to keep up with the demand.

As Bernard puts it, “You need to keep learning every day! Learn and grow! Increase your value! Listen to top business books. Don’t waste a minute on trivial things.”

As you improve your skills you are also more likely to:

  • Enjoy your work more
  • Improve your performance
  • Be noticed by your seniors and assigned more responsibilities or bigger challenges
  • Earn a recognition or even a raise.

A professional CV writer can help to include these outcomes of learning in your resume and tweak it perfectly for the next job.


Portray yourself as a team leader 

As an executive, leadership skills are a must-have. But some defining aspects of leadership will stand out in your resume and help you excel.

When we asked Bernard to tell us more about his company he said “I am most proud of the fact that we have an incredible team who are focused on changing the world for the better through our epic products and services and charitable giving.

Did you notice how great leaders and their teams are inseparable?

Work with the CV writer to communicate your achievements as a team effort.


Be perfect but don’t exaggerate your expertise

When a company advertises an opening, we often miss out on the part that says “the ideal candidate should have…”

Did you notice that the advertiser also puts out a wish list?

It doesn’t mean that they are looking for a perfect fit to their idea of an ‘ideal candidate.’

But, it doesn’t hurt to be a near-perfect match.

However, don’t embellish your abilities and expertise. It will only lead to disappointment.

Be honest. After all, most employers look for similar qualities. Bernard says, “Attitude is everything. Show persistence, determination, energy, positivity, willingness to learn, humility, gratefulness, punctuality. These are age-old attributes that every employer looks for.”


Finally, follow up 

Working with a professional CV writer to include the above tips and transform your resume into an effective communicator is but one step of the journey.

Recruiters will only spend a couple of seconds on your resume. That gives you little room to grab their attention and set the stage for an interview.

So you have to follow-up, and do it with confidence.

Bernard reckons that follow up is critical. He says, “Follow up by phone and email. Not once, not twice. Follow up until you get a yes or a no. Prove to them that you are a master at follow up, persistence and determination.”

When you follow up, the message should be clear: The job is a good fit for my skills and experience and I am genuinely interested and enthusiastic about it.