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Common job search challenges senior executives face

Most people think that senior executives find it surprisingly easy to find jobs once they leave an organisation. They are gravely mistaken. A senior executive may find it easier than an entry-level professional.  However, they have to tackle a unique set of challenges, which are not only more trying but, at times, can challenge their very career.

Roadblocks faced by senior executives

High-end jobs may be harder to find

When a senior executive leaves their current organisation, they might find it harder to come across similar roles that pay the same or higher compensation.

The reason for this is because companies already have an established executive team. Taking on someone additional might compromise with their resources. Additionally, at such a high level, the number of opportunities are exponentially fewer, therefore making the process more difficult.

Maintaining a high compensation might be a challenge

This is especially true when the economy is down. A senior executive may find a job at a similar level, but the compensation package they’re offered is lower than what they used to receive.

Also, companies might refrain from accepting the senior executive’s terms because the approval processes for higher-end executives usually take a long time.

Most companies already have firm executive teams in place

This is one of the most common challenges faced by senior executives seeking employment. Most companies already have their executive positions filled, or have internal staff in line to get the top jobs. Bringing in an outsider would prove to be a risky move. Additionally, promoting an employee within the organisation costs less resources than hiring an outsider.

More competition

Any openings for high-end jobs will receive wide coverage, and therefore, attract people from all over. This means more number of people competing for one vacancy, and therefore, it is much more difficult to find a desirable job.

Nevertheless, senior executives face can get still a job even if receiving a desirable position and compensation seem impossible. Here at E1, we have all the solutions to your problems. Contact us today to land your dream job!