executive cv heading

A guide on how to write an eye-catching executive CV

CVs are the first and perhaps the most important part in the process of landing a job. The most profound first impression you can make on prospective employers, a CV can make or break your chances of landing your dream job. A CV communicates not only your past experiences and skills but also shows your potential and dedication to the job you are applying for through the effort you put into making the CV.

When it comes to an executive position, the CV becomes of utmost importance. An executive post comes with several responsibilities, and an ideal candidate needs to be able to tackle these efficiently and profitably. Your CV needs to communicate this to the recruiters. Executive CVs are a notch above the rest, and require care putting together. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Target your executive CV correctly

Write your CV focusing on the target group of recruiters that will be reading it, and by what the job requires. A resume that covers too many bases will have a very muted effect and might lead to your name being struck off from the list of prospective execs.

Personal branding is important

Don’t shy away from your own branding. You need to convince the recruiters that you would be the ideal candidate for that job, and this can only be done through listing the reasons why, amongst hundreds of applicants, they should pick you. List your passions, experience, and skills in a way fitting the job requirements.


Readability is a very, very important factor you need to consider, but most people overlook it. Most recruiters will use mobile devices to open your CV, and one that lacks in readability would have a certain negative impact on the recruiters.

Besides these, you need to make sure your CV is precise and clear and lacks errors, primarily basic, grammatical ones. Bring all these together, and you should be good to go. Contact E1 today to avail of our executive CV-writing services and bring you one step closer to achieving your dream!