How to Write a General Manager’s CV

It’s fair to say that writing a CV for an entry-level employee and a general manager differs greatly. Their skill set is very different as the former has to work as part of a team while the latter should showcase his or her leadership skills.

Given this difference in roles, it should be obvious that the information on your CV should be fit the role you are applying for. Apart from tailoring it for each job application. In other words, your achievements as a manager must be bluntly expressed, no matter whether junior or senior level executives look at your profile. Moreover, looking for better opportunities involves a number of applications. Even if you are employed. You can try a number of approaches with this and see which one works best.

Having said that, here are 3 tips that should get your started on crafting the ideal general manager’s CV:

1: Focus On Your Skill Set As A Leader

In stark contrast to entry or junior level employees, a general manager should focus on his skill set as a general manager in previous positions held. Being able to allocate resources effectively so as to increase revenues or reduce costs is a key skill that a general manager should possess. Your CV should bring this out consistently.

2: Emphasize the length and depth of industry knowledge

Understanding one’s industry is key to making the right decisions on a daily basis as a general manager. Not only must you emphasize the length and depth of industry knowledge that you have acquired over the years but also how you have applied it too. In other words, has this knowledge resulted in generating higher revenues for prior and current employers?

3: Highlight Your Achievements as a Manager

It’s not enough to use important industry buzzwords to demonstrate your knowledge but to also point out your achievements as a manager clearly in numbers. This is vital to positioning yourself as a leader that makes decisions in order to ensure that said departments or organizations operate at their very best and make profits as a result. If your CV illustrates with clarity that you’ve done this with both small and big teams, then it’s likely that you can accomplish this again in a new position. It’s more likely that you will be shortlisted for interviews going forward too.

4: Have a Professional Craft Your CV

While it is possible for you to write your own general manager CV in 2 pages, it’s a different matter to write it well. Hiring a professional to craft your CV that is tailored with precision for jobs in said industry can be a worthwhile investment. Of course, you can tailor your CV for each job application on your own but a professional can help prepare your CV using a framework of knowledge and expertise that has helped both entry level employees and managers climb the corporate ladder consistently.