Tips to Boost Your Executive Career in the Present Economic Climate 

The unprecedented turn of events over the last few months have led to a sharp decline in executive opportunities. This could get worse over the next couple of months. As a respected professional CV writer service in New Zealand, we’ve been receiving queries from executives. Most of the questions revolve around adopting an appropriate career strategy during an almost unavoidable economic slow-down.

We spoke with Bernard Powell of Premier Group and compiled this information in the hope that it will be valuable to you.


Stand out from the crowd

Whenever the economy inches closer to a recession, the job market tightens. Cash troubles force companies to lay off staffers including top-notch executives. Many companies also freeze hiring as they wait for things to brighten up.

Boosting your career in such an environment may seem like an impossible task. But as the adage goes; when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

The best way to keep your career upwardly mobile is by standing out from the crowd.

How do you do that?

Bernard gave us a few tips. He says “Deliver on every promise. Come prepared. Follow me up relentlessly.


Don’t be indifferent or afraid

When the labour markets are flooded and opportunities are scarce, you may feel intimidated or indifferent about sprucing up your CV. After all, with so many qualified people to choose from, it doesn’t matter what you put on the CV, right?

But you are dead wrong!

Don’t settle on a mediocre, or generic CV even when it doesn’t seem worth it. Reach out to a professional CV writer. Someone who has experience working with executives. They’ll help to fine-tune your CV to reflect the best of you.

As Bernard puts it: “Focus all your energy and attention on securing a good job. Don’t presume anything. Bring hard and soft copies of your CV and any supporting info that will help sell yourself.”


Step outside your comfort zones

Do you have the courage to lose sight of the shore?

Since job openings are few, opportunities may not appear in the nice ‘package’ that you expect. Companies with new technologies and new business models will emerge and thrive. But these companies depend on “different people” to sustain innovation, overcome obstacles and stay ahead of the game.

Are you that kind of “different” person?

“Different people” step out of their comfort zone. They are willing to try out new stuff and make it work.

A move to a venture-backed startup may not fit the bill for a ‘great executive job.’ But it’s an opportunity to move out of your comfort zone and grow with the company. What matters is your attitude. Bernard says, “attitude is everything.” Companies look for people who Have “the ability and willingness to learn and to listen. Someone who understands that the customer pays for everything in our lives.”


Work with a professional CV writer to target growing industries

Stepping out of your comfort zones could mean a move to a different industry.

Currently, the industries most affected by the health-triggered crisis include travel and tourism. On the other hand, companies that deal with essential goods & services, IT and healthcare are experiencing a kind of a boom.

Reach out to a professional CV writer to help you fashion a CV that reflects skills and experiences that fit opportunities in these industries.


Be prepared to bend over backwards frequently

As the job market shrinks, one aspect that will probably keep you ahead of the rest is flexibility. In the words of Bernard, you ought to “Show that you understand customer obsession. Prove that you are a master at follow up. show persistence, determination, energy, positivity, willingness to learn, humility, gratefulness, punctuality. These are age-old attributes that every employer looks for.”

This may require you to make sacrifices frequently. But it’ll do wonders to your career.


Lastly, it’s better when you are perfect

Finally, perfectionism may not be a healthy characteristic. But striving for perfect results isn’t.

Make sure you are playing you’re A-game at all times. Reach out to a professional CV writer to help you script and rehearse a CV that will blow the recruiter’s mind away.


Don’t let anything pass you by. As Bernard puts it, “Dress well and maintain excellent hygiene. Be well presented. First impressions always count. Follow up until you get a yes or a no. Prove that you understand follow up and customer obsession and you are obsessed about growth and learning and continuous improvement.”


With such qualities and attitude, your career will soar even in a slowdown.