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How To Write A Professional Statement For An NZ CV

If there’s an adjective that best describes the ideal CV, it would be ‘compelling.’ No doubt that this quality can help you stand out from other job candidates. One way to do this is by learning how to write a professional statement.

That may sound simple. However, do not be deceived. Senior and C-level executives need to ensure that they have this to help them convince potential employers.

That said, here are three tips how to write a professional statement that could get you your next interview:

Tips How to Write a Professional Statement

1: Keep your professional statement short

Most HR managers or employers spend only six seconds on a CV. Often, they focus on the upper half of your CV. Hence, a lengthy professional statement will just not do.

Focus on what are your prospective employer’s needs and problems, and show why you are the best candidate. Make sure your skills and qualifications are relevant to the job. More important, give them an excellent reason to consider your application.

2: Be specific and unique

Copying and pasting generic professional statements can be very tempting. Big mistake!

Being accurate and unique in how you present your career objectives are essential. That is because these tell the employer why you are the best candidate for the job.

More important, learning how to write a professional statement is vital as this section serves as your ‘elevator pitch.’ After all, there’s no one like you. Hence, your challenge is to make a positive first impression that describes you in the best possible way.

3: Customize your professional statement for each application

Learning how to write a professional statement does not end once you write it. Customizing your professional statement according to the job opening is essential. No two jobs are alike. Your ability to tailor your professional statement to the what the employer wants in a candidate is critical in increasing your chances to get hired.

Now, what if you don’t know how to write a professional statement? Working with a professional familiar with CV requirements in New Zealand is the best place to start. Contact us today to learn more how.