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How To Write A New Zealand Style CV

Are you exploring work opportunities in New Zealand at the executive level? Do you have years of experience but not sure how to position yourself? Most importantly, are you familiar with the information that a New Zealand style CV should contain to get that all-important interview?

If not, do not worry. This is a common barrier that most people face when looking for better work opportunities in New Zealand. However, it goes without saying that preparing a New Zealand style CV for – wait for it – finding job opportunities in New Zealand should be evident.

So, how do you prepare a New Zealand style CV? Are there specific elements that are considered mandatory by employers in New Zealand? The answer is a resounding “yes.”

That said, here are five essential elements that must be present on your CV.

Tip to Write a New Zealand Style CV

1: Name & Contact Information

While these elements are obviously essential, it is still surprising how many executives do not get this right.

One of the most common mistakes is not being consistent with how your name reads on the CV and social media accounts like LinkedIn. This seemingly minor error can cause confusion amongst recruiters and potential employers.

Another error executives commit is not updating their contact information. You need to make sure that recruiters and employers can reach you quickly. If they do not get to reach you, they will not hesitate to contact someone else.

2: Relevant Work & Volunteering Experience

Highlighting achievements is vital in your CV. However, you do not have to list all your work experience. Only include those that can show you are the right candidate for the position. Doing this can significantly help you stand out from the other candidates, and increase your chance of landing an interview.

3: Relevant Skills & Certifications

Employers in New Zealand want to know not only what can you do, but more important if you can do it well. Listing relevant skill sets and work-related certifications can help you show your level of expertise. Make sure that you also include some details about your certifications, especially if you earned it overseas. Doing this will help enlighten and educate your potential employer what it is, and how it is appropriate to the position you are applying for.

4: Education Qualifications & Referees

Providing information on your educational qualifications goes a long way. That is because they tell your potential employer your basic qualifications, and how they meet the job requirements.

Even though work experience is more important in New Zealand, including your education background is still a must-have on a New Zealand style CV.

5: Do not include references

Do not include references immediately on your CV. Instead, specify on your CV that referees are available upon request. That way, you can choose the right people, and adequately inform them in advance so there will not be any surprises.

While these New Zealand style CV tips on mandatory information sought by employers work as an excellent starting point, finding a professional CV writer familiar with job opportunities in your industry in New Zealand can help you take the next step in your executive career.