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5 Common Mistakes Job Seekers Make

We all make mistakes. Some of them prove to be costly while others not so much. For job seekers, these mistakes can involve thousands of dollars. Now, that is something today no one can afford to make, especially given the times we live in.

In most cases, we are not able to determine what these mistakes are even if they prove to be rather significant.

What makes matters worse is that they make these mistakes rather easily. Ultimately, they are the ones that lose out most especially if they were about to be made a job offer.

Here are 5 of the most common mistakes job seekers make:

Mistake 1: Job seekers ignore online job postings

There’s very little value when it comes to ‘want ads’ and job postings. Yet, it isn’t a good idea to ignore them completely, especially online job postings. In fact, the best vacancies can be found on websites of certain industries and ads published in specialty trade publications.

Mistake 2: They don’t network effectively

Without a doubt, this should be the primary focus of every job seeker. However, the problem is that job seekers tend to talk more than they listen. The ideal way to network is the opposite: listen more and talk less. More important, have a clear agenda and aren’t hesitant to ask for guidance or feedback. It’s important to realise that networking is all about giving rather than taking.

Mistake 3: They do it alone

If you invest money in hiring an expert to fix your car or help you purchase real estate, the same thing should hold true when it comes to your career. This is where career coaches can really help you in providing guidance as well as help you understand your true market value. Most of all, they will provide a proven system for job seekers become successful. The best part? Coaches help job seekers when it comes to learning how to negotiate for their salaries and other benefits.

Mistake 4: They do not understand their market value

In order to negotiate keeping your best interests in mind, job seekers should make sure that they research and assess their market value. They should be able to get the employer to discuss the range or exact amount being offered for the position. Only after that should job seekers should decide whether or not this is the best offer available.

Mistake 5: They don’t prepare well enough for interviews

There are usually five elements to a job interview: expressing your value, your knowledge of the company, asking intelligent questions, negotiating the right compensation, and following through. Job seekers have to practice each of these elements so that they can make a great impression at a job interview.

In closing…

These are just a few of the many common mistakes job seekers make. Having said that, are there any other mistakes you think that job seekers make? If so, feel free to share them in the comments section below.