5 Mistakes Managers Make







In order to become a successful manager you’ll need confidence in your ability to lead because without this, it will be hard for you to lead your staff. At Executiveone.co.nz, we find that a good manager will also maintain integrity in all of his practices and encourage employees to do the same. In management it is important that you listen to your staff members because they may have creative ideas that can improve your company and gain new customers. Educate yourself on your chosen industry throughout the year by attending trade shows and seminars. You’ll be able to listen and talk to experts who can help your business grow. Here are five mistakes many managers make.

  1. Ignoring Performance Problems With Employees
    This is especially true of new managers. When you hear about or notice poor performance from employees at your company, it is important that you investigate the problems and reprimand or terminate certain employees. One thing you should do is hold performance evaluations throughout the year and offer constructive feedback to each employees so they can get back on track if they’re slacking.
  2. Lack of Personal Investment in Staff
    As a manager you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your employees and invest in their career development. Here are some ways you can do this. During staff meetings you can mingle with employees and invite them to talk to you about opportunities for growth at your company. You can also mentor your employees by connecting them with others in the industry who can assist them in their advancement.
  3. Poor Recruiting Strategies
    Another mistake some managers make is not putting enough effort into recruiting new employees. If you want your company to grow you’ll need to be proactive in this area. Attend local college job fairs and hand out brochures to the visitors. Establish a Facebook or Twitter page and use it mainly for recruiting. Prepare an online video presentation that explains why people should apply to your company for employment and include testimonials from your employees. Mail job openings to statewide workforce agencies.
  4. Failure to Understand Industry Trends
    Managers need to keep up with the latest trends in their industries and the failure to do so is a mistake some managers make. If you manage a daycare center, you want to research the latest trends in the childcare industry as well as any new laws passed by the local, state and federal government regarding safety standards for daycare centers. Talk to other managers in your industry and find out how they operate their businesses to see what works and what doesn’t. Read trade manuals about your industry and attend events pertaining to it.
  5. Not Dreaming Big
    When managing your company you should dream big and stay relevant so that your employees stay motivated and that you get more customers. Some managers fail to establish innovative goals and they may ignore staff members’ suggestions even if they are excellent. At your next staff meeting discuss goals for the company that seem impossible to accomplish and encourage employees to brainstorm for ideas that will bring those goals to pass. In conclusion, if you avoid these mistakes you can improve as a manager.