7 Must Haves of An Executive CV Writer

How To Choose A CV Writer If You’re An Executive or Consultant


Resuméwriting is more than just writing on a piece of paper. There’s more to it than meets the eye in this regard. No two CVs can ever be the same. The approach to writing either of them cannot be the same either.


While there might be certain “chunks” of information that you have to provide – the basics, if you will – the skill required to write an excellent one gets more demanding when you move on from writing resumés for students or recent graduates.


In other words, we’re talking about the art of writing executive CVs. No matter what, very few people can pull off writing this important document in a manner that’s just right for each individual.


Simply put, this is serious CV writing and goes much deeper than entry-level CVs.


So, it bodes well that you give it some thought before you hire a CV writer, if you are an executive or a consultant.


7 Must-Haves Of An Executive CV Writer


So, what does it take to qualify as an executive CV writer?


Yet again, the individual must have the qualifications and years of experience to be able to write thesetype of CVs.


While that might sound vague to the people interested in getting their Executive CV written by an expert, let’s break it down clearly.


Here are the 7 must-haves of an executive CV writer:


1: Writer’s focus on senior or executive-level CVs

One clear sign of such a CV writer is that they focus exclusively on executive or senior CVs. Of course, King of CV does entry or mid-level CVs but there’s a dedicated team only for this type. Similarly, it also has a team for senior or executive-level CVs.


2: Recommendations from major business figures

Recommendations aren’t just for executives and senior managers –it pertains to CV writers too. Look for those who have credible recommendations from major business figures. If their employer comes highly recommended by LinkedIn as well as magazines and newspapers located in the country, then you’ve got a winner.


3: Fully certified

As mentioned earlier, writing a CV is no simple task, given that the industry itself offers certifications that must be completed in order to demonstrate proficiency. At King of CV in particular, all CV writers are Certified Professional writers – the highest certification available in the business.


4: Clear understanding of the role of a senior manager, consultant or executive

Most CV writers that you might have come across have only handled profiles where people earn about $60,000-$70,000 a year. If this is below your pay grade, then it’s time to look for CV writers that have been in the business for a while. The difference between the two is that the former merely re-format CVs, while the latter knows just how to position your profile to companies that are looking for the “right fit”.


For example, you might either be an entrepreneurial or operative manager. Companies look for one or the other. King of CV understands the importance of this since it has already published research pieces as well as released a book, titled ‘The Executive”,which deals with writing CVs for people at the senior manager-level.


5: Industry recognition

Given the amount of experience that Executive CV writers possess, they are familiar names in the industry. So, if they are, much like King of CV’s group of writers, known by colleges, universities and workplaces and so on and so forth, then you can expect a quality CV.


6: Known by recruiters

Good CV writing organisationsare often contacted by recruiters as a way to source employees who might fit their job vacancies. What this means for the right candidate is that they don’t have to do much, apart from hiringa CV writer. In fact, some senior managers have found employment directly via King of CV, as we keep contact with a number of recruiters who are looking to fill positions quickly.


7: Partners with an executive coach

It’s not very difficult to see how entry, mid or senior-level CVs might differ. For the first two, their career objectives involves getting their feet wet. In other words, their career objectives are simple. Yet, for the third type of employee, it is much more complex, given that they might be wanting to either change careers or move up the corporate ladder. So, for this, King of CV has the option of having an executive coach on board who can answer career-oriented questions. Important life-changing ones too.


In Closing

To sum things up, writing a senior-level CV is no simple task. It’s a good idea to look for these traits when you are looking to hire their services. Remember: your choice can contribute to that frustrating job search or help you move up quickly.


Keeping these tips in mind will help you get to where you want, provided you look at it as an investment towards your career.


So, are there any other traits that an executive CV writer must possess? Do you have any positive experiences from hiring a CV writer?


If so, feel free to elaborate in the comments section below.