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5 Bits of Best Career Advice Offered by a Career Coach

A career coach is often called a “corporate shrink” because he or she deals with conflicts employees face with their bosses, co-workers, and themselves.

Personal relationships are vital within the workplace for career strategies work. Otherwise, the goals won’t be achieved.

We’ve recently chatted with Margaret Williams, a certified career coach, to ask for some career advice. Here are five golden nuggets she shared.

1: If you see a mess, fix it

Williams pointed out that, when there is chaos, there lies opportunity. “You can speed up your career just by stepping right into a mess and making a real difference,” she explains. “Requirements for promotions and positions vary from one industry to another. Still, you can do many things to show off your skills and get the attention of your superiors. Every organization has such an opportunity. You just have to find it.”

2: Make follow up a habit.

90% of people who are successful in their career are those that regularly checks on the progress of the projects and tasks assigned to them.

“Most–if not, all–organisations struggle with accountability issues,” Williams points out. “Success lies in being the person who meets deadlines, holds other people accountable, and even thanking them once you are finished.”

3: Be transparent.

There is now a clamour for companies to be transparent with their employees. Still, many organisations don’t. This is because several people just want to look good and not necessarily stir things up as a result. However, that doesn’t mean you should.

“If you do respectfully speak the truth, this will set you apart from other candidates,” Williams said.

When conducting an interview, recruiters and even employers are looking for candidates that would not just say ‘yes’ to everything. So a difference of opinion can benefit your career climb.

4: Treat all people equally.

Make sure you show respect and not deference at work. “This will make you relaxed and confident.” “How you see yourself will be noticed,” says Williams. “This goes for people below you as well.” So when you introduce your directs as your colleagues, they will begin to see themselves favorably.

5: Be grateful

No one succeeds on their own, despite not having things go your way completely. You can still find reasons to be grateful too for whatever opportunity you have been given.

“Being grateful is dying a slow death in the workplace,” Williams said. “In its place is a growing sense of entitlement. So, no matter whether the rewards are small or large, we don’t say ‘thank you.’ Even though we’ve earned them, it doesn’t hurt to say ‘thank you.'”

In Closing

These bits of career advice shared by career coach Margaret Williams can help you succeed at work and even climb the corporate ladder as a result.

Are there any other things that you must do that will help your career along? If so, feel to share them in the comments section below.