5 Questions to Prepare For As A General Manager

If you are an aspiring general manager and have to take an interview shortly, preparation is the most critical aspect of acing the interview.

This applies to both upcoming as well as aspiring managers too since there are interview questions that you might not be ready for.

You cannot prepare for all of these questions but anticipate the most common ones, based on tips offered by industry experts.

Apart from the usual etiquette that you should follow to be presentable at an interview, it is also essential to prepare for a few questions that recruiters will ask during the interview.

Here are 5 common interview questions you have to answer when applying for the position of a general manager:

Question 1: Why do you want this general manager’s job?

Companies want to hire people who are passionate about their work. If you aren’t, then you won’t be able to answer this question correctly. So, think of a few things that would make this role a perfect fit for you.

Also, think of why you love the company too. For example, you might like being of service to be people or even enjoy that particular industry the position is for.

Question 2: What challenges are you looking for with this general manager’s position?

This question is usually asked to find out what you are looking for and whether you would be suitable in such a role.

The way you should answer this is to think of the skills and experience you have accumulated over the years and how they can meet these challenges if you were hired for that position.

Don’t forget to mention that you are motivated by challenges and have the skills necessary to do this. Providing specific examples of challenges met before is a good idea too.

Question 3: Describe your typical work week in this position.

Answering this question involves connecting your previous work experience with the responsibilities you will be facing as a general manager.

Non-work related activity should be omitted from these conversations. Ensure that you explain clearly what you do at work, giving the interviewer the impression that you know what you are doing.

Question 4: What is your biggest weakness?

This is an uncomfortable question that no one likes to answer. It’s best not to lie by saying that you don’t have one.

Instead, think of a small flaw such as being nervous when presenting or even being impatient with coworkers. Don’t forget to mention that you are aware of this flaw and want to correct it as a result.

Question 5: Why should we hire you as general manager?

This is a big question that you must answer well using your personality, experience, skills, and education. This is why it is imperative to know the job description is and the company culture. Answer these questions using pertinent examples.

Now, if you feel you don’t have the skills or even qualifications or experience, then you can talk about your qualities.

For example, being passionate and energetic can work in your favour. Ultimately, showing interviewers that you are motivated and charismatic can do the trick too.

In Closing

Several questions will come your way when taking an interview for the position of a general manager. Make sure you remain calm and collected while offering an answer. It’s advisable to even request for time to answer them as well.

So, are there any other questions for general manager interviews that you can think of? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.