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5 Leadership Traits of CEOs that Drive Organisational Success

A CEO’s leadership traits is usually what drives the success of the company. Of course, the VP of Sales might argue that he brings in most of the revenue while the CTO might believe that building the product is the most important task. If that’s not enough, the VP of Marketing might say that the company’s success is owed to the efforts of the marketing department.

But no matter what people say or feel about who or what drives the success of a company, most experts believe that it’s still the leadership traits of the person at the top that is truly responsible for how well a company performs.

Which begs the questions: what leadership traits does a CEO need to have to become great?

The answer is that there are many qualities and traits that a CEO must have. However, there are 5 essential leadership traits that can turn them from a good CEO into a great one.

Leadership trait 1: A true leader

Great CEOs create a strong culture among his employees by encouraging a sense of pride and loyalty between them. Apart from providing the financing, a CEO tell others not only tell others what to do, but they lead by example. In other words, a great CEO is one that tells his or her employees to “follow me up the mountain, and I will show you the way.”

Leadership trait 2: Very clear communication

Not only do CEOs define the strategy to their team members. They make sure that these are communicated effectively and efficiently. At the same time, CEOs are not worried about getting the approval of their team along the way as well. Of course, great CEOs will take it a step further by getting their team together so as to build the strategy as well as give them the chance to table their views.

One clear sign of this leadership trait is that the employees are just clear about company strategies because they can literally repeat it.

Leadership trait 3: Work with their employees

One of the many vital leadership traits a great CEO must have is that he or she can create an excellent market distribution plan that drives both results and revenue. At the same time, great CEOs are also able to keep track of their employees’ activities to know what went wrong if the company lost a big sale or closed a huge client.

Leadership trait 4: Very strategic

The best CEOs will look in every direction watching the moves and countermoves of the competition and respond appropriately. You can expect them to call unscheduled meetings or even an off-site group brainstorm activity if necessary. Not only do they understand their team well enough but also continue to take their team’s input very seriously.

Leadership 5: They admit their weaknesses

Great CEOs are aware of what they aren’t good at. More importantly, they also know if and when the company’s inability to achieve success is because of this, and are willing to step down so that someone more equipped for the job can take over.

In closing…

No matter what, these essential leadership traits will undeniably lead to organisational success. This is why they’re necessary in every budding CEO. After all, their team’s success is really an indicator of their own.

Are there any other leadership traits you believe a CEO must possess for a company to become successful? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.