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Forming a Good Relationship With a Recruitment Consultant

These days, companies hire a recruitment consultant to find the best candidates for vacant positions as a cost-effective way of finding the right candidates for the job being offered, especially if you’re applying with a startup company.

Forming a good relationship with a recruitment consultant is essential to increase your chances of getting hired. That’s because he or she is responsible for choosing whom to interview for the most critical job openings. 

However, like any relationship, getting on a recruitment consultant’s good graces doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to nurture and cultivate it so that both of you benefit from a win-win situation. It is worth the effort. After all, their primary concern is for you to succeed in getting the job.

That said, here are four tips that can build a firm partnership with a recruitment consultant:

1: Regular Meetings

Building a relationship with a recruitment consultant is like staying in touch with friends and family. It takes effort and time to build closeness. The more you meet with them and discuss the latest developments related to your profile, work, and education, the easier it is for them to find interviews for you to attend.

2: Be courteous towards the recruitment consultant

Even if your skill set is in demand, you can’t do everything on your own. Partnering with the right recruitment consultant can prove to be much more profitable than you can imagine. 

That’s why it’s imperative to remain courteous in all your interactions. Just remember: they work for your potential employer, not for you. So, be grateful for their assistance. It will pay off when it comes to establishing rapport with your future employer.

3: Give them all the necessary information

Withholding information from a recruitment consultant is just crazy. You need to come clean with your recruitment consultant so that they can help you, especially if there are parts in your CV that can become potential roadblocks.

For example,  If you have a long gap in between jobs on your CV, a recruitment consultant will help you explain this when you go in for an interview so that it’s not taken against you.

The same thing is true if you want to apply for a job but don’t have the needed qualifications.

Also, if there are any developments in your life that can impact your abilities to perform at an acceptable level, it is best you keep them abreast about these as well. Otherwise, these may only prevent you from finding the right job.

4: Know that they work for the employer, not you

It is imperative that you understand that the recruitment consultant serves as the middleman between you and that company you want to work with. In other words, they work for the company that your profile is being considered for, not for you. So, make sure you view them as an employee of the company that you are applying to and behave with them accordingly.