How Relevant Are You?



So you are a current executive who wishes to advance in your career but you feel discouraged. You have sent out resumes to multiple companies and you thought you did well on your interviews until you get notices stating that you didn’t get the position you wanted.  The main thing you should remember about landing a new executive job is to go beyond the traditional method of looking for work and seeing yourself as a brand to be marketed to companies. Your brand should consist of top qualities that will help you get the executive job of your dreams and at Executive One our staff will ensure that you stay relevant in your job search.


Effective Networking is The Key


We know how networking is just as important as sending out resumes and building online profiles, but many who seek executive jobs do not always network effectively. You’ll have to do more than collect and store contacts. You should carve out unique networking strategies each day in order to be successful. If you have a mentor in your industry, call him and ask to meet up with you several times a week or month to attend career events or talk about new job opportunities. Another idea is to take advantage of Executive One’s services because we understand what the major companies seek in executive level employees, and we will assist you in the networking process. Inquire about sharing your knowledge of a certain industry at local trade shows and pass out information about yourself to the audience.


Consider Certifications


While they may not be required for certain executive jobs, it doesn’t hurt to get certification in certain skills that you use in your field regularly. When potential clients know that you are certified, they might be more likely to want to work with you and if you work at a major company, this will look attractive to your manager and coworkers. This is especially the case with workers in the technology and financial services sectors.


Start An Executive Jobs Blog


You can read online articles and books on the executive job search but it is better to start your own executive jobs search blog because by doing this you’re learning how you can stay relevant through the research you do for your blog posts. You may also receive comments from others in the executive field and if they leave their website addresses along with their comments, you can research the companies they represent and seek employment from those companies.