land an executive job

How to land an executive job even if companies aren’t hiring

Being able to land an executive job is tricky. For starters, companies have stringent policies and expectations in place for prospective execs. More often than not, they prefer promoting their current employees in these positions rather than get someone from the outside. Others find hiring a brand-new executive is more expensive than promoting someone. These are just some of the many reasons companies rarely open up executive positions.

If you want to land an executive level job, then, you need to apply even if the company is not hiring. It may seem daunting. However, if done correctly, it will be worth the effort.

Tips to land an executive job

Know the company you are applying to

This is true for any job at any business, but especially so when you are aiming for an executive position where you will have to undertake leadership roles and manage teams. Familiarise yourself with the functioning of the company. Interact regularly with them on available platforms, directly or indirectly. Understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Provide the company with a solution

As opposed to merely asking them for an opportunity, point out how you can help the company grow and develop. Focus how your values are in line with those of the company’s. Endorsing yourself as a vital part of the organisation is key to them even considering you, and you need to take the necessary steps.

Keep in touch

Once you submit your CV and cover letter, make sure to stay touch with the company. Give them a call now and then to check if there are any current openings. Doing this will help keep you always in the mind of their HR department. That way, when they do have an opportunity, they will remember you.

Applying to a company even when they are not hiring, can be intimidating, especially if you are after an executive job. If you need some help, get in touch with us, and we can put your fears to rest, and help you navigate through applying for a job you want!