5 Effective Tips for Writing A Business Proposal

In order to secure funding for your business, it is wise to write an effective business proposal. Your business proposal doesn’t have to be book-length but it should be lengthy enough to where potential investors and lenders will know what your business is about. While it is okay to view sample business proposals online, you should write an original document since each business’s funding needs are different. Spend time researching your targt customer base and your business’s viability before writing the proposal.

  1. Start Out With Executive Summary and Mission Statement

            The executive summary and mission statement are not the same thing so you should keep this in

mind when preparing them. The executive summary is the beginning paragraph that lets the

lender know who you are and it defines the nature of your business. When writing the executive

summary you need to be descriptive. Your mission statement is the paragraph that tells others

why this business is needed in the community and how you will fill that need through your


  1. Describe The Services You Offer

            Once you move past the executive summary and mission statement, it’s time to focus on the

services you offer. Discuss what makes your services different from the competition in your

area. If you are starting a night care service where you would watch kids for parents who work

at night, talk about how most daycare centers close in early evening hours and your center will

focus on assisting parents who need someone to watch their children during nighttime hours.

  1. How You Will Promote The Business

            It makes no sense to have funding for your business if you’re not going to have a marketing

plan in place. Your proposal should include a workable and adaptable marketing strategy so

that the public will know about your business. For your night care service you can advertise in

local newspapers, at parenting classes, mom support group meetings, schools, hospitals,

churches and at community events. You can also utilize social media along with buying time on

TV and radio stations.

  1. Have A Professional Help You

            For many aspiring business owners, it is difficult to prepare a business proposal by themselves.

This is why you should meet with a professional who will be able to assist you in preparing

the business proposal. Tell the professional what you want in the proposal and then he can work

from there.

  1. Preciseness Is Key

            When writing the business proposal you want to be precise since excess wordiness is a turnoff

for those who read it. Simplify your points with short but clear sentences and don’t use an

entire paragraph to make one or two points. Make sure you don’t use overly technical jargon and

the grammar should be right.


In conclusion, you want to write a business proposal that is unique, clear and to the point. When you have this kind of proposal there is a high chance that you will receive funding.