Are You A Leader?



Executive managers need strong leadership skills and experts have diverse opinions on what comprises those skills. One important management skill is to be willing to change direction at your company in light of current trends in your industry or changes in your customers’ preferences and needs. This makes you an effective leader and you increase profits this way. You’ll also need to know how to get your team on board with the new vision you have and utilize their strengths to accomplish it. Excellent leaders also help employees whose performance is not up to par. As you offer constructive criticism you instill confidence in your employees. Here at Executive One we feel that strong management skills are the key to quality leadership, and here are additional strategies of being the best manager.


Communicate Clearly


Some managers are not good leaders because they fail to communicate clearly to their employees, sponsors and suppliers. As a result major mistakes occur and projects go wrong. You should hold regular staff meetings to discuss what your company’s upcoming projects are and to point out errors that need to be corrected. Answer any questions that employees have about your expectations and check in on your team periodically. Don’t address your employees in a berating way but instead praise their efforts and encourage them to pursue new projects. Maintain regular contact with your sponsors and suppliers.


Engage in Employee-Led Recruitment


Who knows better what you look for in new employees than your team? Besides yourself, your staff understands the dynamics of the company and they know your expectations. You should ask your employees to actively recruit people they know who would be excellent additions to your company. Have your staff give you the persons’ resumes and additional information about them. Then look through the resumes and interview the people your employees recommended. This kind of recruitment is also cost-effective.


Make Your Goals SMART


In executive management one of the latest trends is that of SMART goals. Your goals need to be specific instead of generic because this makes the goals more tangible to accomplish. Your goals should also be measurable, and this means that the outcome of your goal should have the ability to succeed. The company’s goals should also be realistic and timely. This reduces the burnout that many managers experience.


Mentor Your Employees


It’s important for leaders to mentor their employees because when you invest in them, they’re likely to stay at your company. Offer your employees online video tutorials on various positions within your company so that they’ll understand them clearly. Send your employees to trade shows and career networking events so that they can stay relevant in the industry. Create new positions for some of them if you feel that their specific skills could be used to improve the company. Give advice during staff meetings.


In conclusion, these are just a few of the many traits that leaders must have. If you desire a career in executive management, look to Executive One. Our staff is ready and willing to assist you with CV preparation, interview tips and remaining in this field once you get the job.