The CIO vs. CTO Resume – A Comparison

It’s not uncommon for recruiters and resume writers to look at IT resumes over the Web from time to time. Of course, reading how people write their resumes can give them a clearer picture as to what they did absolutely right – and areas for improvement. Speaking of which, there are times when people apply for the position of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), they tend to write in such a manner that it seems more suited to a Chief Information Officer’s (CIO) position.

CIO vs. CTO Resume – The Difference

So, what’s the difference, you might ask?

Simply put, a CIO is more focused on the technology that is necessary to run a company while a CTO is more concerned with technology that is embedded in products and is usually visible to customers. Having said that, both these C-Suite executives must be able to work together so as to create enterprise architecture that handles both internal processes as well as external product development used for commercial purposes.

But first, let’s look at each of these roles, beginning with that of a CIO.

Of course, the focus would be on information culture, compliance and most importantly, strategy. The first aspect of these three is the extent to which the information is used by executives not only to understand competitive and economic environments but also for the definition and execution of strategy too. In other words, the information is used by both managers and staff in their respective roles of driving performance and carrying out day-to-day operations.

The second has to do with both the constant monitoring and the processes put in place so as to ensure information compliance according to regulations. The final aspect deals with the use of information to influence the roles and use of information in order to shape the business. This has a lot to do with influencing overall business goals.

As for a CTO’s role in any organisation, the focus on this professional is usually on technology strategy. It goes without saying that is covers a number of areas including competitive technologies, operations, communication and information.

One very clear function of a CTO involves staying in touch with the latest trends in technology in a variety of fields as well. Of course, there are a number of fields that change so quickly be it related to the environment, biotechnology, energy and information too. Choosing the right technologies to use can make a serious difference in whether your company stays ahead of the curve or fall behind. There’s another aspect to picking the right technologies for your company too. This has more to do with how you can engage with these technology be it through technology partners, acquisition or even performing R&D of your own.
Yet without a doubt the way a company adopts new technology will influence its future whether socially, competitively or financially too.

In Closing…

Having seen these differences, it shouldn’t be surprising that these roles are very different and should be clearly distinguished in one’s resume, with the help of an experienced resume writer. Often people and companies do not see these roles as separate when in fact, they are very different.

So, are there any other aspects that can be distinguished between a CIO and CTO’s resume? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.