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4 Reasons to Get Help from an Executive Search Firm

One of the biggest challenges of applying for an executive job is finding one that’s advertised publicly on job sites. That’s because most executive level openings are usually offered to selected people by an executive search firm hired by the company.

Indeed, if you’re dreaming of landing an executive position, you’ll need more than just having a well-written CV and other documents. You’ll need to know how to capture the attention of an executive search firm so that they’ll take notice and give you the opportunity to send in your application.

What is an executive search firm?

An executive search firm is a consulting firm that scouts for potential candidates that have the experience and skills required for a senior level position. Its primary job is to¬†shortlist candidates from the sea of CVs submitted. Some executive search firms would even go to the extent of checking out the senior level executives working in companies that are direct competitors of their clients and see if there’s any way that they can convince them to come over and work for their client instead.

That said, it only follows that the only way you can get a chance to land an executive level job is to get noticed by an executive search firm or two. Here are some ways how to do that.

Prepare a stellar CV

If you’re out job hunting, you know how important it is to have a well-written CV. But if you’re planning to get an executive search firm help you land a senior level position, you need to have a CV that’s well-written and has got that “WOW” factor so that you can rise above the other candidates.

One way to do this is to write up your CV’s Summary section such that it answers the following questions:

  • Why should an executive search firm choose you?
  • What makes you unique from the other candidates?
  • What experience, skills, and accomplishments makes you an asset?

These are the things that executive search firms are looking for in a CV that they come across. When they find the answers to these questions in your CV’s summary, that’s the only time when they continue reading through the rest of the details you include in your CV.

Consider hiring an executive CV writing company

Writing up an eye-catching CV is easier said than done. You need to not only know what to say but also how to say it. At the same time, you also need to know the different keywords recruiters from an executive search firm use to find potential candidates.

That’s why lots of job seekers eyeing an executive level position hire an executive CV writing company to help them write up their CVs. These companies have experienced CV writers that know what executive search firms look for in a potential candidate. They also know how to write up the different parts of your CV so that they’re eye-catching but factual.

Share your knowledge in social media

Another way to get an executive search firm to help you land an executive job is to share your knowledge and expertise on social media actively.

Recruiters from an executive search firm don’t just limit their search for potential candidates on the CVs sent to them. They scour social media sites like LinkedIn for qualified candidate that they can offer the opportunity to apply for the job.

The best way to do this is by joining discussion groups and forums within your niche. But don’t just be a spectator. Participate in the conversations by sharing your knowledge and expertise. Not only are you establishing yourself as an expert in your field, but you’re also sure to get the attention of an executive search firm or two.

Another way to do this is by writing up posts on your social media account. LinkedIn, for example, gives you the opportunity to post articles that can be easily viewed by others even if they’re not in your list of connections.

Develop a connection with executive recruiters

When someone sends you a request to connect on LinkedIn or any other social media site, take a peek at their profile. When you see that they’re a recruitment specialist or an HR personnel, don’t hesitate to add them up and strike up a conversation with them.

Even if you aren’t actively searching for a job right now, it’s important to start building relationships with people working for an executive search firm. That way, you’re on their radar so that when there’s a job opening, they won’t think twice offering it to you. At the same time, you can get some insider information from them. You can then use that to tweak your CV and social media profile and make it more attractive.

One way you can develop a strong relationship with an executive search firm is to recommend companies that can benefit from its services. Just like you, executive search firms are also looking for opportunities to expand and grow. When they close a service contract with one of the companies you refer, they will be more than willing to return the favor by recommending you when an executive position in your industry is available.



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