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Vital questions to ask during your next executive interview

hisMost job seekers either let this slide by saying “No.” Others ask questions gleaned from the internet that doesn’t hold much substance.

What many job seekers do not realise is that the executive interview is an opportunity for a potential employer to get to know a candidate, and vice-versa.

If you have been invited for an interview, it is important that you come prepared with questions to ask the recruiters. This gives you a greater understanding of the job. It will also show the recruiters that you have a genuine interest in the job.

Executive interview questions to ask

Specifics about your responsibility

Recruiters and employers often post a vague and general list of responsibilities in their job posting. This can cause misinterpretation and misunderstanding. Asking questions about your role will help give you a clearer picture of the kind of work that will be waiting when they hire you.

Room for growth

Another question to make sure you ask during your executive interview is whether the company’s organisation structure will give you the opportunity to grow and advance in your career. Nothing can be more frustrating than finding you signed up for something that you can consider as a ‘dead-end job.’

Asking questions about growth opportunities show recruiters you are looking for a paycheck. You are looking for an opportunity to grow and possibly stay for a long time with the company.

Inquire about the employee benefits

Don’t shy away from asking what benefits you and your family will receive once you join the company. In fact, it is your right to know about these. Ask questions to learn whether they offer flexible work hours, medical benefits, meal allowances, and leaves.

At the same time, it gives the recruiter the impression they are not the only ones you are considering. In some cases, asking about the benefits of working with them can open the door to a better employment package.

These are just a few of the questions you can ask. There is no set of fixed questions that one can ask at an executive interview because they differ with how your interview is going, how you have been briefed, and the information provided by the recruiter. The best thing to do would be to pay attention to everything that is being said and make notes. 

Above all, stay confident when you are asking your questions. If you need help in this area, contact us today to learn about our interview and career coaching services.